Scholarship of Moscow State University

On January 22 a solemn ceremony of awarding Scholarships of Moscow State University for young teachers, researchers, graduate students and students took place. Our laboratory congratulates junior research fellow Alexander Shorokhov and 1st year student Damir Yagudin on receiving this scholarship!

Laboratory seminar on December, 25

Dr. Yuichi Nakamura from Toyohashi University of Technology (Japan) will make a report Design and properties of heat dissipation multi-layer media for magnetic hologram memory. Beginning at 4 p. m.

Наша статья опубликована в журнале Advanced Optical Materials

The paper Tailored Nonlinear Anisotropy in Mie-Resonant Dielectric Oligomers written by Maria K. Kroychuk, Damir F. Yagudin, Alexander S. Shorokhov, Daria A. Smirnova, Irina I. Volkovskaya, Maxim R. Shcherbakov, Gennady Shvets, Yuri S. Kivshar, and Andrey A. Fedyanin has been published in Advanced Optical Materials. What is especially nice, one of the article's illustrations was put on the cover of this magazine.

Laboratory seminar on September, 19

Alina Karabchevsky from School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, will make a report about investigation and measurement of objects in efficient, stable and light-scalable surroundings. Beginning at 10.30 a. m.

Laboratory seminar on July, 31

Andrey V. Sheludyakov, a scientific consultant of the CIIT Inteltek company, will make a report about cognitive metrics and the communicative waves of the subconscious. Beginning at 2 p. m.

Laboratory seminar on August, 1

Kirill Koshelev, PhD student of Nonlinear Physics Center (Australian National University) and Department of Nanophotonics and Metamaterials (ITMO University, Russia) will make a report Meta optics and bound states in the continuum. Beginning at 11 a. m.

Laboratory seminar on July, 18

Professor, leading Megargant scientist Boris Lukyanchuk will make a report about High order Fano resonances and giant magnetic fields in dielectric microspheres. Beginning at 2 p. m.